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About SJ Caravan Travel and tours

Traveling is everyone’s desire, but for Michelle and Jujen it’s their passion. A true-blooded mountaineer. Oftentimes asked by families and friends to book or make travel arrangements. Out of that passion and the demand for their services After that as a result, SJ Caravan Travel and Tours was born.

However From the comforts of their home. in San Pedro Laguna to the present address. at 344 Parchment St. Brgy. Tiago GMA, Cavite. Optimistic and passionate people who want to make life easy for all travelers, and families who love to spend some leisure time and visit the world-famous places within the Philippines and around the globe.

SJC Travel and tours bring a warm approach to all the services they offer. The clients can consult with them regarding the destination. facts, travel tips, famous attractions, and itinerary planning.

SJC travel and tours Offer different services both local and international ticketing, hotel booking, tour packages, van rentals, education tours, company trips, team building, heritage emersion, and family tours.

In addition SJC Travel and Tours offers the best sensory services that touch the heart and mind of every traveler.showing expressive affection for every person, who loves to travel but still mindful of their social responsibility in traveling.


Our Mission is to be the no. 1 family-friendly travel and tour because we wanted to do our social responsibility to help everyone enjoy and experience the beauty of life

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Call or text us at : 09333879271 / 09329160135 / (046) 4043825
or email us at: st.josephscaravan@hotmail.com https://lovetravelph.com/contact-us-2/

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Our office located at 0344 Parchment Brgy. Teniente Tiago General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite